‘So this all started as an office idea… ‘

I wish horror movies opened with little asides like that, oh well.  Back to what happened at work: we are looking at getting into the scary world of social networking/marketing and as the person with the dirtiest hands buried deep in the mud pie that is social networking, it has fallen largely to me to lead this hap-hazard charge into the great unknown.

A discussion came up on our team about blogging, specifically if we should just jump in!  I slammed on the breaks.   At this point we are looking to create a News Feed, with the technology of a blog.  A very different monster from creating a blog so we can share what we had for dinner or cute little internet cat pictures.  I know that at this point, how or why I started another blog is probably not clear but the inception of the idea for Worldcrafter came out of this meeting and it seemed a logical place to start my story.

My head is a sea of ideas: creatures, characters, worlds and events, all fictional of course but with foundations and rules established in our very real world.  All of these things, I believe, fall under Worldcrafting or the ability to take ideas, images, or parts of these things and shape them through art, or writing, into a World.  A World that may not need your active participation to continue to evolve.  Authors have been rumored to say that at times their characters write the stories and they simply just record them.  In my mind anytime an established idea rattles about your mind and you place pen to paper, you simply record the events of that idea to share with any that will look or listen.

What follows is a look into my mind, my process and how I craft a world.

Enjoy the ride.



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