Lava Creature

So I finally got around to nailing myself to the floor, using the facts I generated in my last full blog and sketching this lava creature out.  I choose to use pen and ink to work this guy up, starting with red pen, and blocking in what I planned to keep with black. 

This is from the first sketch I did, I liked very little out of it.  I scanned it I kept only the head to reference in later sketches as I moved on.

I liked a lot of this piece and will  use it as my base as I move into digital painting.

I need to tighten up and improve on my creatures anatomy, so time to look into my morgue file.  Every artist has one, and I am sure everyone calls them by different names, but my morgue file contains all sorts of resources I have saved over the last few years.  Textures, reference pictures, unfinished art projects, basically anything that I may pull as reference material as I move forward with an art project.

In this case I took a bunch of digital photos of a friends horse that will work perfectly, however in a pinch Google images is your friend.  My next step is going to be referring to those horse images and working with grays in photoshop to trace my existing image and make the corrections I need.

For my next trick!  Back to the drawing board, stay tuned for a quick look at the first few steps!



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