The Future

So Lava Creature will be making a reappearance, possibly even soon.  However I am looking at what I want to do as far as linking all of my artistic endeavors.  When I started Worldcrafter I had hoped to build a following through sharing my understanding of my own strange creative process.

But it became clear that I also wanted to establish a set of tools, that I feel, you might need to build a good solid world.  As I move from here on forward I think I need to establish some ground rules, more for myself than anyone else.

A schedule of when and what I will work on or talk about, how long a topic will run and of course how I will deal with feedback.  That last bit assumes that enough readers care to respond.  I also plan to embed this blog, along with my fictional blog, into my personal site.

All that being said, I have absolutely no idea how I am going to start on any of this, as knowing all the pieces inside out, and knowing that I want to do it doesn’t mean I know what I am doing!

Stay Tuned



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