The Lava reboot.

Lava creature is back on the drawing board.  For this step I took a few moments to compare what I had found about horse, dogs, and other beasts of burden and then looked at a few of the elements I wanted to throw in to really make this guy stand out.


One of the earliest features I decided on was the two sets of eyes.  This is a creature that needs to focus on many dangers while it searches for food and shelter.  Another core concept was that its skin was going to be tough.  What I have done with this version is give it a lot of hard lines and rocky looking surfaces just in outline form.

One of the major changes from the originals I worked on in November to the version I am working on here is the fore-limbs.  I decided I wanted it to have a cross between bird talons and almost primate like hands, suggesting that some hidden speed or dexterity may be locked away in the lumbering form.  Also the aft limbs were refined, I tried to give them more of a dragon or bird feel as well.

Another feature I had toyed with in the originals, but never commit too was adding a fighting claw.  After a few tries I moved away from a raptor style claw to that more like a rooster.

The original also felt a too stiff, and the pose seemed to be at odds with the creatures implied size.  I worked to correct that, thickened it in a few places, and added its handler for size reference.  Last touch, through my signature on it, made it official :).

I also nuked the original background.  This is a creature work up so I may not added one back in.  For now I just want a non-white surface to work on.

More to come.



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