Lava Creature Base Colours.

An almost life long struggle I have had with my own art is colour.  I can make great pieces of lined art, then take it further and create even more detailed full pencil or pen renders.  But colour, drives me nuts, so I have made it a huge focus.

With Lave Creature(He may need a name soon.) I looked at colours, and why I needed them.  He’s the major beast of burden and the toughest herbivore that the, yet as undefined, Alpha Predator is going to hunt.  Our own natural world provides some of the ‘basic’ rules.  Most animals, predators and prey, have colour schemes that help them match their environments.  It makes a creature a better hunter, or a better hider. Particularly in the reptile world, which by very nature this creature is closer too, skin colour is determined by or even changed in real-time by the environment.

Environmental rules are the base I used to design my colour scheme.  I looked at rock and lava(liquid rock).  None of the colours in this step reflect colours I got from cooled or tough rock, that will come in the texture step.  Here I am simply working to design the base of the colours, and define light and dark values.

In this look at how I work I left out the values study and full renders, so I could focus on how this creature is developed in full.  Although based on this plan I kinda hindered myself and what I may have to offered to teach through this blog.. notes for the future!



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