The Devil and his details

Detail work time!  I also went ahead and reintroduced the background and foreground elements.  Not much to say about these steps.  The eyes, nails and fighting claws were a mix of my previously mentioned techniques.

I like to be very fluid as I work in painter, and I would encourage the same of anyone picking the program up.  For the background/foreground I moved through several different brush and style types, just building color and then shapes on a black background.

Make sure to use plenty of references when you work on anything, in this case I bounced between images of volcanoes, ash fall, and even a few images form the 2007 San Diego fires.  I also slapped a few layer into the piece to get the background to look more hazy, getting it to look a bit further off in the heat and haze.

I feel that it has come close to finished so I am gonna shift a bit here and looking at our character.

Stay tuned!



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