Minecraft, like a spike to the brain!

I tried!  I really did!  But eventually, after I watched about 400 Minecraft youtube videos, I broke down! and became a proud owner and player of MC.  So I got sucked into Minecraft like so many before me.   Then it got worse,  a buddy of mine invited me to his server, and I got sucked even deeper!

Anyway I have been absent from blogging any progress in my art because of Minecraft.  Hours spent mining deep into the earth and then using the materials to build Megalithic structures!  Soon I will post a few screenshots of my Megalithic structures, but for now I am gonna return to doing some art.  Keep an eye out for new posts!  And if you are a Minecraft fan, keep an eye out for that too, as I am sure I will post a bit on that subject as well.



2 thoughts on “Minecraft, like a spike to the brain!

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