Bringing it to life.

To show a deeper and closer look at what I do, I have decided to go ahead and focus a bit more on this figure, and go into more detail: step by step.  In my last post I talked mainly about sketching and fleshing the figure out, deciding how he might look and feel in the enviroment as I went along.

Frontier Rider

Color Added

Adding colour really begins to bring life to the work I am doing though.  I start by playing with the colour levels in Photoshop, giving myself a nice base colour to start working with.  I continued to tweak with hue/saturation, colour settings, and even curves to get the general range I wanted.

From here I stepped into the monochromatic ranges.  I like to use monochromatic ranges to further set-up and define values, it helps more than using shading in black and white (although shades of grey are technically monochromatic) because it helps to really show the colour range I am going to get into using.

Frontier Rider 2Here is what I get by the end of my monochromatic steps, I have added a lot of the values I want to be in the final piece.  Focusing on a small range of orange-reds, but as I moved along I started to work in some of my detail colours as well.  Unlike what I did with the Lava Creature, I am already looking at details on this guy.  I believe this helps hint a lot more at the story that may be just under the surface, of the creature, the man and the world.  Making my process even more organic and intuitive.

I choose to add in mainly blues, as blues are going to be more the “clan” colour, and the greens/grays are meant as accents only.

Next I move into painter and begin to really shape ans texture the figure.

Look for more soon!



One thought on “Bringing it to life.

  1. Nice post. I like it. It’s interesting to see some insight on how your mind works when you’re sketching/coloring. I always just thought it was more like a hamster on a wheel, turning some film in front of a candle light that projected through your eyes and you just traced it. Or something.
    Also glad I don’t have to smack you around for taking a night off to blog, and then finding out that you didnt. 😉

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