And now for Something Completely different…

As someone that works in a creative field all day, my personal art has a tendency to take a back seat vs. my need to play video games.  It is a cycle I am hoping to break, but for now it is mainly the reason I have not made time to finish Lava Creature.

Another reason might be art ADD.  I have noticed, in myself as well as others, especially in artist with many different outlets, something cool comes along and we lose focus.  I promise I have made quite a few cool things in Minecraft I will someday share!! However not today!

I am a huge Battlestar Gallactica fan, at one time this extended to both the new and the old, however the newer series captured my attention and kept it, making it one of my favorite series of all time(Firefly is number 1).   As a huge Warhammer 40k fan and player, I really enjoy painting and modeling (see Artist ADD :P).   So when I found out they were releasing Viper IV models, I had to pick one up!

All the paints I use are acrylic water-based, skin safe and made for models.

This is the end of night one of painting.  I assembled the model, did a little bit of work with greenstuff putty to fill in some of the gaps, primed it in black and then set it aside to dry the day before.  There are still a few gaps and areas that need to be filled that I will get to in my next step.  I find it easier to see some of the areas of minor repair after the model has some colour on it.

I painted all the mechanical/engine parts bronze to start with, leaving the landing gear alone as I need some place to hold the model by!  Next I painted the entire craft in a mid range grey.  All the paints I use are acrylic based and made for models.

I am just showing a few angles of the same “step” as I didn’t think it through to well!

To the bronze I took a dry brush(basically a brush I have used, abused, and then let sit in water for awhile) and dipped it in silver.  There is a lot of advise you can get on dry brushing, but this is what I do, I dry my beat up and frizzy brush (letting it sit a few days in water makes it frizzy) dip it in my colour, just enough to get some paint on the tips, then I brush it over my thumb a few times, getting most of the paint off.

Disclaimer:  I use a waterbased, skin safe Acrylic paint!  Skin safe, and Easy to Wash!

This allows me to control how much paint is left to be applied, I then lightly brush down all the mechanical parts.  A dry brush technique allows you to really bring out the depth and details of certain aspects of a model.  I use it a lot to add texture and depth to weapons, armor and mechanical bits.

The main body was nice and dry by this time, so I mixed my mid-range grey with about 50% water and added a second layer.  This thin layer of  paint helps to smooth out and hide brush strokes.  I did a third coat to get it where I wanted it.  Now the Viper IV is not a mid grey, it is a light grey.  So next I took a lighter grey, a colour with a bit of blue tint to it, and added another light thin layer of paint.  It is what gives the model it’s current streaked and primed look.

That is my work so far!

More Soon



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