A few days missed, a Few New Ideas.

I went of my queue, had a few new ideas and ran with them.  I should be resuming my normal #sketchaday routine this week however.

The Secret War, a fight raged by the smallest creatures, just beneath our feet, and behind our walls.

A Grey One, their endless crusade against the Secret Wardens threats to destroy our world.

This idea started a few years ago when I finished reading the Red Wall books and the Graphic Novel Mousegaurd.  I have played with a few different ideas, include parts of the Secret War that take place during both world wars, the Crusades and our modern conflicts.

This set of sketches were made to show the beings of their struggles, set sometime during the being of the dark ages.

Grifter Marks,

A small Warden Mercenary, the right side of his face scarred during a battle with a Cobra.  The masks hides the venom destroyed tissues and protects what is left of his face and bones.

I didn’t track my time on any of these sketches.

A Secret Warden, during the end of his training.

The Wardens come from all parts of the world, Mice, Rats, Lizards, all the smallest of creatures.  I tired to model this one after a rat.

Some of my inspiration came from Warhammers Skaven army, and I had originally though of all the Grey Ones as rats, but I ditched that idea as I did the work up, and original set of sketches.

The Grey Ones became a much darker force as I worked through the beginnings of the story, made up of all the small creatures.

Small Warden Mage.

Hope you enjoyed!

More to come soon, starting with those hand sketches.



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