I touched a girl…

… and she liked it.

Lain got some love, mostly I am still just playing with her gesture as well as the colours of the final piece.

As you can also see I added a wood floor, and some computer junk.  A lot of the elements I add to a painting as I go are meant mostly as place holders.  Very quickly blocked out areas I will have to go back to and develop more.

As I work through these steps I keep referring to the original image I posted of Lain, as well as going through a stack of art books and reference materials.  My aim is to create an older, sexier, more adult Lain.  So I am looking at a lot of pin-up art.  My Alberto Vargas book has become a staple of my work space, I also keep a stack of printed out/torn out pictures of females that I can rifle through and see what I have that may inspire.

I ditched the wood floor about 30 mins after having Photo-Chopped it in.  I had though to do the wood floor and then add a water layer over it all, but I scrapped that, and just added dark water(or what will become water).

Next I blend all my colours together to get the skin effect I am looking for.  I do this by using the Just Add Water blender brush.

Basically I am blending/smearing the colours I picked for the skin together in a few ways.  I use some broad sweeping motions that follow the contours of the figure, as well as small circular motions to blend and mix.  This method works outside of the computer as well, both in acrylic and watercolour (honestly my experience in oil is limited).

I cannot stress enough that referring to references, lots of references, is a must.  Her body went through about 4 major revisions before I came to this.

I also got a few opinions on how she looked in this pose.  Spend a lot of time looking at the way a body moves, falls or looks.  Sometimes you need to convince a friends to subject themselves to posing!  It gives that much more to your art.

The figure is at a place where I really like it so I shift gears and go back to the other important element of this piece.

Computer junk!  I started by deleting the entire layer!  Larger elements have be brought in to block off the left hand side of the piece.

You may also notice that I turned on the divine proportions, normally I don’t use any layout tools to work on a piece, but it is a powerful chunk of painter and I figured I would show it off a bit.  Simply turning it on is not enough though I need to align it to my artwork.

I simply flipped it to align on her face, and it fell almost where I wanted it.  Layout is a tricky part of any composition or art piece, and in this case I knew basically what I wanted, and I am no only using the tool to show it off.  Often times my original sketches/thumbnails include grid lines to mark out what composition I am going for.

Stay tuned, soon out girl will grow up even more!


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