A long time ago I thought up a known universe, much like our own, just a bit farther in the future.  Since then I have worked on pieces of it here and there.  A future where: Galactic Empires, Republics, Guilds, and Economic Super-powers share our Universe.  Inspired by one of my favorite science fiction writers Larry Niven, I lumped them all into one universe, and called it Savaged.

Savaged is a savage place, where space is dark, dangerous, yet filled with wonderful races, and deep histories.  I am always working on Savaged in one way or another in fact, as I will post sometime in the future, my portfolio website is built around the idea of Savaged.  But for now a few tastes.

This is a Quantelian Battle Flag, it hangs in the Delphi Square Museum and War Memorial.  The flag shows an iconic depiction of the Quantelian Home System.  The Quantelian Republic is made up of three races from three different moons that orbit that same gas giant.

I was inspired by Middle Eastern and communist icons and flags when I began to design this flag.

Here is the Toleric Technocracy’s flag, so far there is no back story to these guys, other than their entire political and religious structure is based around technology.  The Technocracy is also not a race of people but a organization much like a trade guild or mega-corporation.  Many races from many walks of life behind an organization large enough to claim sovereignty.

The Toleric Technocracy has its own privatized military force, and its warship are the most feared and sought after in the galaxy.

Design concepts came from my two passions, space and machinery.

Finished the Teloric Flag today(Quantelian Flag a few months ago), time was about 2 hours each for the flags.

Design was done,  in illustrator as a wire frame, then basic colour and tone was added in Photoshop, before I moved to Painter to mix and apply colour/texture, finally they were both finished again in Photoshop.

More to Come.



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