Road Reaver

So a few weeks ago a buddy of mine and I, had a gtalk conversation roughly centering around A Song of Fire and Ice(Game of Thrones Series).  Living in southern California, we know about the massive amounts of “empty” space in the desert.

Empty soon became “free” as long as we could take and hold it.. which we wanted to do because it is about damn time we built a Castle.  This is possibly more proof that men never, ever grow up…

Of course, with a Castle we need to become blacksmiths, make weapons and armor… etc…  At some point one of us mentioned the Financial means to make this happen.  (At this point it is probably fair to mention I am a huge Mad Max fan…)  My proposal was to become Interstate Highway pirates!  Road Reavers and Modern Day Brigands!

I was shot down, apparently those sorts of activities are not considered “legal” so..I made a pen and ink sketch instead.

Illustration, Pen and Ink, Character Design-TheGrav


2 thoughts on “Road Reaver

  1. If only we could… Castle building, lording over our smallfolk, staging raids on neighboring territories to increase the size of the kingdom… Ahh, we were born too late…

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