The Evils of this weekend….

So I have yet to mention it here, but myself and some friends have begun to work on an unnamed action short movie, based on my existing Fictional Blog.  This has truly been a difficult learning experience, as I have had to take my existing manuscripts and convert them into screenplays

BUT WAIT!  It gets better… Then through-out a series of meetings we have looked at the script, refined it to make it work a bit better, and then we booked a location.  It’s pretty awesome and the closer we get to release I will have more information on the entire project, but I had to re-write the script to fit the location!

All in all I have grown a lot as a writer with this project and we have yet to truly start!

I have also been trying to keep up with my sketch a day challenge, even when I don’t make a post I still sketch, and this is some of this weekends work, enjoy:

Illustration, concept design

Combat Thrall, quick design work.

Inspired by the Warhammer 40k world, this is just some concept of a future painting I want to do.  Still very much playing with what this guy will even look like.

When I start to conceptualize this stuff in my head I do lots of sketches before I get anywhere near what I am happy with.

Sooner or later I will finish Lain and start this one! (maybe)  🙂


This guy is a sketch to fit into my Savaged world.  He/It is a member of the Galactic

Illustration, Savaged, Character Design

A member of the Galactic Hunter's Guild.

Hunter’s Guild, a federation of Bounty Hunters that act a bit like US Marshals in the less than civilized “fringes” of the many Galactic Empires and Civilizations.  Many times a Hunter is the closest thing to an Empire’s official representative in a Star Systems.

They live by their own creed, and exist very much above the law.



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