A nice Day for Guinness

PAX Prime 2011 stole me away for 4 days of fun in Sunny Seattle.  Yet again it did not rain once this year.  As a former resident of Washington State, I am really beginning to wonder if Gabe and Tycho are in league with some evil mastermind to make Washington sunny and bright during PAX….

Tradition has decreed Thursday nights as a time for Irish drinking, at Kell’s on Post Alley.  We normally find ourselves filing in around 7:30-8:00 to start the evening out slow with SHOTS! and conversations of what we are looking forward to seeing.  Shots of Jameson, Powers, Red Breast, mixed with pints of Guinness, Boddingtons, Kilkenny, and a few Irish Car-Bombs and you get a group of gamer geeks that start the hike back to the hotel with no idea where they are until the Ranger makes his survival check….

(Okay honestly we are not THAT bad.  Still most of our walk backs conversation this year centered around Paladins in DnD…)  Then we crawl into our beds, around 2 am, with every intention of sleeping off what might prove to be massive hangovers… only to wake up and 7:30 am excited as kids about to leave for Disneyland on Christmas morning.

Illustration, Sketch a Day, TheGrav

The reason we get up so early?  BYOC, a three day LAN party held at PAX every year!

After getting set-up, finding some grub, and playing a few rounds of “OMG WHY DOES THE NETWORK NOT WORK!!!” We headed into the exhibit halls to find Fortune and Glory.(Mostly Free T-shirts, and chances to play new games!)

This year was a good year for myself and my girl, she won a new mouse and mouse pad along with a mid-line Red Steel portable headset.  I won a Gigabyte gaming keyboard, 8gb of DDR3 1600 from Kingston’s HyperX series, and a $50 dollar gift card to Best Buy from NOS Energy Drinks.

Considering all this, and the fact that it seems I can no longer hide how geeky I am (wasn’t hiding it.. just trolling in Gizmodo’s general direction :P) I think I will be adding a Game/Technology section to my blog!



2 thoughts on “A nice Day for Guinness

  1. Eerily clear and accurate picture painted by your description of the traditional pre-pax adventures. Sorry I missed the Paladin discussion this year… -Goodge

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