Minecraft 1.8

Disclaimer.. this post is about PAX Prime, so even if I suck at writing it is still full of win.

In my last post I very briefly sketched out our experience at PAX this year, but this next bit will need a bit more explaining so…  This year the Expo Hall was on two floors(I am not including HALO fest stuff).  For anyone who has been to a PAX at the Seattle Convention Center, last years Free-play Console area was given over to exhibitors.  Before you groan about how “terrible it is” that PAX decided to do that, THAT ROOM HAD THE MINECRAFT BOOTH!!! So all is forgiven.

Not to mention that the NOS girls were walking around giving anyone on the 6th floor in the Expo area free shots of ENERGY!.  Anyway Notch was there!  As was Mrs. Notch! And if you waited in line you could take an EPIC picture under this banner:

Minecarft PAX booth(I’m the bald one…)

And of course try your hand at 1.8.  Now I only had a limited amount of time so I spawned into a NPC village, that was built on the water.(Think Venice.)

Their were no NPCs about, but the village was cool anyway, the randomly generated houses came equipped with kitchen, tables, and all sorts of other neat stuff, not to mention pretty cool little light posts made with glowstone!  Weirdest thing though.. there are now “cooked” pork-chops which are a light cream color and “burned” pork-chops which look like our old friends!

Also added to the game mechanic side was the need to “eat” food.  Basically right across the screen from the air bubbles there are little “lamb-shank” icons that symbolize how hungry your dude is.  In the 10 minutes or so I got to demo it, I lost one hungry bubble.  I did not get to see any monster in the demo I played, but I did get to see Mrs. Notch take on one of the scary black builder dudes (AKA Enderman).  They look sick!

I for one love Minecarft and I am defiantly looking forward to the release of 1.8!  If you have yet to play the game or looking into it at all head over to http://www.minecraft.net/ and buy it!  🙂



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