Daily Dubstep

I love me some dubstep.  My “Work” play-lists normally feature some dubstep, and my coding play-list is almost entirely dubstep.  I find most electronic music to be highly stimulating, but for some reason dubstep and jungle really speak to some deeper part of my creative inner beast.

As I have mentioned a few times here I am also currently working on a, as of yet named, movie project.(Since then we have decided on the project title: “HAVOCs”)  So I keep an eye out for interesting mixes of dubstep and video.  I want to try and use dubstep in some of our action sequences.  It seems I didn’t have to look too far this week as a buddy of mine Nrek just posted some of his video links to Google+!

Check them out!  And don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see what else he may have in store for us!



3 thoughts on “Daily Dubstep

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  2. Yess a fellow dubstep lover! I am genuinely confused as to why more people don’t like it?

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