The Late review… Firefall.

Since I returned from PAX I have been trying to figure out how I wanted to sum up Firefall.  It was been a daunting task, because as Much as I want to like this game.. I don’t.

At PAX 2010 I stumbled across a few bean bag chairs, all huddle around a big screen like pre-civilization man huddled around a campfire before a mammoth hunt.  Being only a few steps removed form my ancestors I grunted, and slumped into a chair.. and saw one of the coolest trailers I have seen in a long time for an upcoming game.

Anyway I left with this feeling that Firefall was going to be awesome!  And Free to Play!  Well I have grown, Firefall has grown, the concept of Free to Play has grown, and I don’t like any of it.

From a Marketing standpoint the Firefall team had it licked!  With a twist of WoW daily quests and standard convention scavenger hunts, a con-goer could hunt down several things/people/statues at PAX to take photos and post them online, and then go back and see the gentlemen that gave you your “quests” and get these cool little fake crystals.

This had me hyped, the statues were EPIC!  the Developers we found were cool guys, and all the marketing material we sifted through was amazing!  Then came the time to play the game…

It’s Tribes, on a smaller map, with less choices and weapons.. and cell shaded.  I say Tribes, because that is the level of the graphics and design.  I mean for a game with such amazing concept art, marketing and CG trailer, I finally got my hands on it and was not impressed.  The map that was available to play was a big box canyon, with three installations and a few out buildings scattered about to give the “suggestion” of cover and objectives.

One team, Red, has to protect these 3 major installations while the other team, Blue, has to hack into them and capture them (Like we have never done this is a game before…).  Now if you lose a building you can’t re-capture it…  and the 10 minute time limit is a bit too long if your team is any good, or way to slow if your team is any good.(Other guys die to much, you spend a lot of time shooting rocks and stuff)

I know there is a lot more to this game, I only played the PvP and there is a PvE side, there is also a story and if you are into micro-transaction all sorts of “cool” extras you can get.. or something.  I also know that the game is still under-development so the graphics might get better, the game-play might get more options, and one day it may polish into something amazing.

However for now I have UT:Black, Brink and TF2, not to mention the other FPS I enjoy, so I have no desire to play a game that doesn’t do anything better than any of these.  Not to mention, when it comes to my FPS I am getting sick of Free to Play BS.  I mean a DLC, maybe I will buy that but I miss the good old days where you could buy a game for 40 bucks, get ALL THE CONTENT and have fun online Fragging your friends.

Sure MMOs are great and Micro-transactions make sense in some cases, but I don’t want to be wasting time on a game some other kid just wasted money on.




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