WordPress Tweaks..

About a week ago I mentioned that I was taking steps to be a bit more active in the blogging world, along with doing some tweaking/optimization to Worldcarfter.wordpress.com.  I have begun some of the planning and I turned to some old work to lead the way.

One of the first things I want to do is replace the header image with some of my own work.  I love what this theme has to offer me, but I am a creative person and a web-developer!! Time to act like one!

I do a lot of Space paintings, normally either as practice or for client projects, but I have a tendency to toss most of them out… however every once in awhile I come up with one I really like and I keep it a refer to it again and again.

Sci-Fi, Digital Painting, SpaceThis is the case with Dust Planet, a digital painting I originally did for practice, but it has inspired a huge array of other works.  Now this one is old, I am guessing I did it back in 2005, right around the time I launched my original blog that used to be hosted at Ravenhorde.com.  Back then I was working on my own “theme” from the ground up and the header I was tinkering with looked a bit like this:

Space, Sci-Fi, Digital Painting.

I like it but the title needs to change, the tag line needs to change.. the font I am not super big on, and of course the last time I looked at it was in 2005.  But it gives me a good starting place to work from as I move forward in designing how I want Worldcrafter to look.

It also shows a world!!  Something I have not done too much with here on Worldcrafter since I started.  I might need to change that!  Anyway after a bit of searching around I have decided to unpack this header, look at it again and dive right in!  Look for the change to happen soon!


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