The Choice is Android, and it keeps getting better…

Sidekick, AIMI have to admit it, I have used pretty mush every style of Smartphone.  I started life with a Sidekick and although I am not sure it can really be classified as a Smartphone, it did have AIM

From there I moved through the ranks of Palm Devices, at least one Blackberry and finally to the Droid.  Now I am a huge Android fan, and as I have mentioned before this probably has to do with two huge factors.  1)Mac’s piss me off, I can’t get them to do what I want, when I want, stably enough to even try to find out if the are “better” now.  2)I like to build things, from Apps, to Programs, to Web-development, to my own computers..

However I need to come clean… When I founded Ravenhorde Studios with a buddy in 2007, we began life with a Palm Centro, and when it was available moved to the first generation iPhone.  Now it has been a few years and Ravenhorde Studios is no more, but a lot of the consulting I did then I still do.  A need I have always had is to be able to view PDFs on the fly, and a want I have always had is the ability to create or modify documents that I may be working with.

Autodesk, autodesk sketchbook, iphoneI do a lot of work in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks and up until now I have mainly relied on the AutoDesk Sketchbook app on both my phone and tablet for doing work on the go so my client at least has an idea of what I am working towards.  It also allows me an amazing platform to plan out future art projects or even do entire paintings when stuck on an airplane, train, or car ride(where I am not the driver!).

However I have always wanted to have photoshop at my fingertips.  Well it seems my wait is over!  A buddy messaged me a Gizmodo link that I just had to check out, it seems the Photoshop Touch is not only in the works, but ti will come out for Android platform devices first!  Not only that it is to come with a host of other products!  Finally the software I have been looking for!

A quick trip over to the Adobe site lets you look over what the have to offer.  Solutions for artists, photographers, and designers alike!


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