Dealing with Life and Death..

Two weeks ago, right as our production team was gearing up to film City 7 and doing all the last minute things that come up, I ran to Morro Bay to a family reunion and to make a few connections to get City 7 just a bit further along.  While we (Myself and R my girl) were up in Morro Bay we received some pretty hard news.

A good friend of ours was the San Diego Police Officer that was killed on the I-15 October 1st, 2011.  Jason Prokop and I had been friends for a little over ten years, R having met him about 4 years ago right after we had begun dating.  Jason was all set to help us out as an on site medic/production assistant with the film, and is the guy responsible for helping me figure out how the “pandemic” that reduces humanity the shambling undead was made and spread.

He was also an amazing friend, and truly an inspiration and role model.  I have heard plenty of theories over the years that no one can ever be truly “selfless”, but Jason truly was.   Even up until his last minute as he tried to help another wounded driver.  His career as a Police Officer and Army Ranger Drill Instructor also prove what a selfless and amazing guy he truly was.

He is the first of our group of friends to perish, and his death has hit all of us very hard.  Not only was he the nicest guy you could meet, and the world has truly grown just a shade darker, but we now all have to face the fact that we are not immortal.

When we returned from Morro Bay I through myself into work and preparing for the movie shoot, my way of not dealing with what was going on really.  However I have been grounded, both the San Diego Police Department and the Army Rangers came out in force on Saturday to honor Jason, and offer support to his wife and two young boys.  This has been the 6th Funeral I have attended(3rd Military Service), but it was by far the hardest.  It may be because I am older now, or perhaps because I was powerless to help Jason’s wife and kids…

I am back however, maybe stronger, maybe not, and armed with the knowledge that as long as I remember Jason he is truly never lost or forgotten.

RIP Buddy, RLTW.



The San Diego Police Officers Association has established a trust fund for Officer Prokop’s family. Donations can be mailed to:
Officer Jason Prokop Family Trust
c/o San Diego Police Officers Association
8388 Vickers Street
San Diego, CA 92111

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