how fast it all gets held….

City 7 is filmed!  The Posters are still being painted!  The Website is getting worked on!  And I somehow have no time from ANY OF IT!!!

But that is the fun of life right?  As Pia Thrasher, aka: Scout, mentioned in her most recent post, we filmed the movie just over a week ago, and although we still have a good chunk to film at another location we feel that we are sitting on an awesome project!  The project does however seem to be stealing my Sketch a Day time… not that I am not sketching!  I am!

Really I promise!  I just haven’t gone through my new book yet, torn out or scanned any of the work, and I am not sure when I will get to it!  But it will happen!  In the meantime here is one of the concept sketches I did for the movie!

Concept Art, City 7


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