Never contributed a f*cking thing…

My thoughts on the 99%

“..never contributed a f*cking thing to the country they love to criticize..”

“ how does it feel to know that someones kid in the heart of america has blood in his hands, fighting to defend your rights so you can lead a lifestyle that insults his families very existence..”

F*ck you pricks, spend less to protesting and more time finding a job like the rest of us you claim to be protesting for.

This country was built on the fact that we can work to make it better, not protest and stand behind some facade of righteousness rather than going to work.  My taxes are being wasted on these protesters.  How the f*ck does that help or even make sense?



2 thoughts on “Never contributed a f*cking thing…

  1. To quote a favorite movie, “I do not think that word means what you think it means…”
    Basically stated that the Occupy Wall Street movement has nothing to do with people protesting the military or the government (not directly). It’s about the 99% (of which you are most definitely one) being under the bootheel of the 1% (aka: the rich elitists that can do anything because they have *THAT KIND* of money). To be honest, I’m for this movement. Do I think it will change anything? Not really… but it’s a good movement. If it sticks around long enough it might accomplish something, but I’m not really sure what. The rich people in this country(and other countries), sure as hell aren’t going to give up their money for the rest of us.

    • I am aware of what the movement means and doesn’t mean. I chose the song I chose because in my opinion there is a collation between the 1% that is protesting by not having a job, and squatting in various cities around the country and 99% of us that are hard at work.

      I believed it was a good comparison based on that. I don’t really want to waste a huge amount of time getting into what I do or don’t agree with about the movement, I just feel that there are right and wrong ways to commit civil disobedience, and wasting Tax payer money to do it, when the point you are making is that middle class families get taxed to much seems very near sighted.

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