Experiences with mind altering code…

So as much art as I do, work is coding, line after line.  Sometimes I am doing the fun stuff(at least to me) and really impacting the look, feel and handling of a website.  CSS, HTML, Jquery, they all sing to some small part of me, and inspire, no DRIVE me to learn and explore.

It’s almost like a game, I know the defined limits and parameters of my space, and I know some of the tools I have to tackle it with, so I get to jump in get dirty and poke around.  I know it may not be a very normal or structured method to development, but it is what I do.  Working isn’t all coding either, I still do the graphic design for whatever project I may be tasked with as well, then I code it…

Well sometimes this backfires, Design something cool, test it in a template, blow the boss’s  socks off, get approval, return to my desk and go.. “Ah shit…”

My knowledge of php is growing but still limited, well let’s define it a bit better… My knowledge of Server side processes is limited, there that works.  I come up with a beautiful, simple, and easy to use layout to browse some real estate listings, I test it: Works, boss loves it.  Sit down and build all the pieces I can, dragging in strings, posting information to the client.. then I get to adding the google map bit.

Ever been in a conversation where You KNOW you are speaking the same language, but you have no clue whats going on?  That was me…

Just open my skull and cram the knowledge in.



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