Is it to late to talk about resolutions?

I was really good, and then really really bad at sketchaday last year.  Well I am gonna try to get back on track!  I also have two or three paintings I started last year I should finish.. I am gonna work on that too 🙂  And I am kicking around the idea of starting a web-comic.

I don’t really believe that any resolutions are ever taken seriously, every year it seems everyone vows to lose weight, run more, walk to dog more often, go skydiving, not get shot in the knee, etc.  Of course 4 weeks later, those same people are back into the normal grind, resolutions forgotten, unless of course you managed to get a new TV over the holidays (wait for it.. wait for it…get it yet?).  I am not necessarily immune from this magical forgetfulness state of the human condition.

However I am gonna try to change very small things, things I was already kinda doing, just be kinda better at it.  Form new habits, good habits, that maybe will just lead to better habits.



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