On Advertising.

My main job seems to fall somewhere between Marketing Guru, Graphic Designer, and Web-developer, despite what my door plague claims.. It lies, it’s advertising after all.

I find that I have to be all three in order to stand on my own and continue to be productive in my line of work.  All these things do make me incredibly aware of my surroundings, in away I don’t think many people are.  I know when I am being advertised too.  Don’t get me wrong here, I think lots of people THINK they know when they are being advertised too, but I really see it, and then I pull it apart and poke around the engine a bit.

There is a billboard on my drive to second job, yeah they still exist, that claims it can teach you a new career in an “Expanding Market of Computer Professions” in just 6 months!  I mean what a deal!  Also it goes on to claim “Learn a new skill in the only industry not effected by the Recession!”.

Now I am paraphrasing a bit, but that is the meat and potatoes of the message.  Now here is the issue I have with it…  Before the recession I ran a marketing consulting and printing solution company that focused mainly on printing t-shirt and developing signage/websites.   I will admit, we “grew” at the being of the recession, it even looked like we were gonna make it, then reality hit, and I ended up Over-qualified, and working at Starbucks as an untitled Assistant Manager.

I now find myself working in the Computer Science field, as a coder that does a lot of marketing/graphic design.  But the recession has not been “good” to this field.  Our web team is three people, and non of us make anywhere close to “industry standard”.  The fact is the market sucks, which means even if there is a huge amount of need for a skill set like computer programming or graphic design, the people hiring are only doing so because they need to dig themselves out of the hole the recession slammed them into.  Meaning their pool for pay-role, is a small pool.

Yes the jobs exist, no they don’t pay what they should, and there are 100 other people all trying to get that ONE job that does pay industry standard.  Marketing is crafty though, because that school, they are making the money, and they are sending people out with 6 months of education and zero hours of experience to get these “magical” jobs.  The funny thing is technically, they aren’t lying!

How can they not be lying?  Well the entertainment industry is growing, and seems to be pretty well unaffected by the recession.  Video Game sales are continuing to rise, in fact records where set in 2010 for game sales, Movies are still being made, and Music is everywhere.

All these industries create Computer Science jobs.  But not the one you can get with 6 months in a class, and no experience, nor do they create jobs that everyone in our field will ever get into.  I sought out training in Computer Science, and later Illustration/3d Animation because I WANT to work in the Video Game industry.  And I work in Real Estate.

Point is.. our industry is like any other, hit by the recession, the 1% so to speak are doing okay, the rest of us, we could bag groceries at a union controlled Vons and make more money.



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