Stepping closer to a webcomic…

So I have the story worked out, and the major players decided on.. I even have about half my story boards done… but… platform?!?!?  I have begun to look a lot at how I am gonna make this all work.

As a web developer and designer, I have domains, I have web space, but how am I gonna make this work!  Wordpress is an awesome platform, and I have considered packing up Worldcrafter and redeploying.  I have even considered hand coding a web-comic site, but I keep getting stuck on what the next step should really be.

I also don’t want to lose any of my readers, and currently I am imagining I get most through  A quick Google search on this just served to confuse me even more, there seems to be 900 people with really loud “bad” ideas on how to start/build a web-comic site.  Hopefully I can find a solution and share the steps as I go!



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