Back on the Old Work-House

Coming back to Illustrator this morning, something I recommend as there is nothing like a fresh morning perspective to help you figure out the bugs, and I decided I need to ditch the darker of the two shadow colors, and add a door.

House Icon, Ryan BerryTo make my shadows, I am simply making shapes, setting the color to a value just darker than the main house, and then turning off the outside line.  Same for the highlights.  Then it is all about making the shapes look bubble-like or organic in some way, that helps capture that Icon/Cartoon feeling.

For my hard lines, that is all I am using lines.  I play with the stroke value to get them looking more how I want.  For those of you looking to get a better grasp on how to use Illustrator from the ground up, I will be doing a few tutorials soon!

As I mentioned in my last post, those lines need to be expanded, or as you re-size they will retain their “stroke” and get MUCH bigger/smaller in relation to the object.  Once expanded they become filled objects themselves and are ready for the tweaking!  Once again I need to soften all my “door” line edges, and then I am just about done!

Here is my Final Logo!Logo Design, House Icon, Ryan Berry














For more Illustrator ideas/tutorials please be sure to follow this blog!



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