Game Trailers, that make my hair stand on end.

Movie and video games grow closer to each other every year.  Technology, story, and immersion increase in both so at times it feels like you can control the character on screen in a movie, or that you are a character in a movie through a game.

The need to tell and immerse the player in a setting, and then encourage them to evolve through a story line is an amazing focus of this digital interactive media.

Just like the Movie Industry, the Video Game Industry uses Trailers as their primary source of advertisement.  Normally showing you a glimpse of the story, so they can prime you to be excited about their newest products.  In an industry with so much competition every once in awhile it seem that a few leaders rise to the top with amazing stories that unify huge followings of players.  These stories get us to care about the people and characters, in away that not even movies can not seem to.

Here are some examples of these amazing game trailers:


This is the First trailer I saw for Halo 3, and I saw it before movie in the theater.  This is an amazing trailer for a few reasons.  First off, we all have looked up at the sky and wondered if we are alone.  Second, those are kids, innocents.  Lastly, it places the action happening in the same spot Master Chief laid as a child.  All this was done I think to make us care about the story, about our world, and this fictional future.

The Halo series has had an amazing run with trailers, and this is not the only Halo trailer I have decided to feature, next let’s look at Reach.


For fans of the series, Reach is a staple in the story line, we all know as the trailer opens that the planet will fall.  This trailer is remarkably simple.  But the feelings it evokes, knowing that everyone on the planet is going to die, and that this marks a major defeat for the USNC, are not.  This trailer also sets in motion the entire story as Halo: Reach is the first bit of story in the entire Halo series.

War seems to be a popular concept in video games, this is for a number of reason.  The most obvious and often shouted about reason being that the fast paced action is exciting.  But I feel that for a lot of designers, and players we are tackling a much bigger issue.  Our world is a dangerous place, ever balanced on a knife edge, and these feelings don’t just “go away”.  I think nothing sums up these feelings as much as the next trailer.


“It doesn’t take the most powerful nations on Earth, to create the next global conflict.  Just the will of a Single Man.”  Those words scare most of us, and they should.  Sure at the surface level the Modern Warfare series is about fast, fun, action.  As a culture we enjoy challenges, and we have a tendency to glorify war.  But under the surface, I think, most of us fear this sort of global event, and want to know that in some way we are not powerless.


Mass Effect is another game series that deals with an alien threat and the concept of the loss of an entire our Planet.  This trailer again focuses on the loss of innocence, as well as showcasing basic human desires, like the ability to fly.  It all shows how we can be dehumanized, and turned into monsters.  Once again the theme of this game maybe a little deeper than the surface action/adventure.

Just a few of my favorites.



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