New Painting

Some friends are involved with AIDS LifeCycle here in San Diego, and sent out a blast on Facebook to get as many of us involved as they could!  As part of the event there is a raffle that will be taking place on March 31st, so I offered my hands as a painter.

Being that my style is normally pretty dark, I decided I would try something a bit different but still stick inside my favorite genre: post-apocalyptic.  Here is the first glimpse of my Tank Girl inspired painting for the event:

Ride to end AIDS

I will be doing both a acrylic on canvass and digital painting for this piece, make sure to watch my blog to follow some step by step updates!


3 thoughts on “New Painting

  1. Actually, I kind of like the art the way it is. You could come up with a number of cool tag-lines to match your initial drawing.

    – “Aids, blurring social lines since .”
    – “Ain’t nothing blurry about the line we’re ridin’. Aids LifeCycle 2012”
    – “Focus; dedication; clarity. Aids LifeCycle 2012.”
    – “Nothing fuzzy about my awareness. Aids LifeCycle 2012.”

    And others…

    Good stuff, mister!


    • The final painting will be raffled off, so I kinda want it to be a more traditional piece. 🙂

      Great ideas for promotional materials though sir! I may need to see if so sort of cross promotion stuff can come out of my earliest steps 🙂

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