Camera Envy…

A friend, and fellow artist  Nathaniel Daught  has also dipped into the world of short films.  Although instead of plague drive, mind munching, undead fiends, he has gone with witty geeky comedy and PUPPETS!  OBEY VIC is a silly look at a lot of the things we geeks in our later 20s find fun and amusing.  (oh and Castlevania: SOTN makes an appearance!)

Now to the Envy bit… it was shot with an iPhone 4s!  I mean I can’t even get a good picture of my dog sleeping, in good lighting, with a steady cam rig on my Droid.  Seriously these guys shot the cool little episode on an iPhone!!!  and Every still image picture I take with my Droid looks like I am skydiving past the subject!

Anyway.. Camera Envy.. Morale of the story?  Check out OBEY VIC 🙂


2 thoughts on “Camera Envy…

  1. Dude, your droid is old as fuck. Get with the times and upgrade that piece of shit.
    I’m in the same boat, but I’m on the path to upgrade my phone in the next few months.
    Take your single/no children/no debt to speak of ass and buy a new phone for yourself.

    See you tonight! have a new phone and I’ll be impressed. =)

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