Tank Girl/Ride to End AIDS

A little behind on posting, as the painting is just about done, but I have some time so here is the first of a few posts showing my progress.

After taking the original thumbnail and finding the right sized canvass I needed.  I did a bit more research, covered my walls in print outs of Tank Girl, the Gorillas, and mountain bikes.  I watched Tank Girl, and then Sucker Punch, just to get more of a solid concept.

Then I hit my sketch book and went nuts.  Stylistically Tank Girl is not really my standard style of art, so I struggled a bit and the sketches here are only two of the sketches I liked enough to move forward with.

Tank Girl, Ryan Berry

In this first sketch I decide on a few elements.  The World War 2 Machine gun, the smoking cigarette..

Tank Girl, Ryan Berry

Largely inspired by sucker punch I added a few more elements, mainly the Rice Hat, and the added Tank Girl flair of the band-aids.


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