Movie Review: Battleship

Down and dirty, should you see it?  Maybe, what do I give it?  3.5/5 Bullets.(I really need to make some icons…)


So whats the deal with this film?  Its okay, and its nothing like Transformers, except for the look of the “shredder” being “built”.  If you have seen the trailer, its that bladed looking ball thing, it looks a bit like the “inside” of Megatron‘s eye.  However it only looks like that when it is being fired, and it doesn’t “change shape”.  It’s an okay film, pretty awesome creatures, pretty cool effects, nice shots.  Acting is okay, could have been a lot better, but it is mainly left to Taylor Kitsch, of John Carter and Rihanna to sell a good chunk of the story.

If you had the misfortune to go and see Skyline in the theaters, Battleship is much better, the action is pretty cool and there are several good sequences that sell the game as a movie.  However there is a bit too much cheese, some of the lines are delivered poorly.  If you are like me and you need to see every awesome explosion in high-def, and every alien large and in your face see it in the theaters, if not, rent it.


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