Lighting in Philly

Tonight I returned from playing pool with my little Sister Tessa, and out Cousin George, to find an amazing view as a lighting storm brewed over South Philly.  My camera never far from hand I managed to snap over 500 shots, and only get a few.  Wising up a bit I decided to get a few more with the GoPro.

Even as I type this the sky is still lit with lighting…

GoPro Bolts

Over the docks.

Ghost Bolt
A Slim Ghost of a Bolt.

Twin Stirkes
Twin Strikes over South Philly.

Bolts Across the Delaware
Twin Bolts Striking Across the Delaware River.

Dockside Factory
Lighting bolts over the Factory Dock Across the Way


Lighting over South Philly.

Boiling in the Clouds
Something is boiling in the clouds.