I went to DC, and I saw…

I have been back in California for the last 4 weeks, but I never finished posting all the pictures I took while out and about in the DC area.  My dad works for this cool futurists society place(doing medical doctory stuff), he doesn’t know it but I am pretty sure he works for Aperture Science.

Anyway he works in a city called Alexandria, which is basically right across the river from the National Mall.  The area he works in is Old Alexandria, and so on one of his lunch breaks we explored a bit.

I seem to have a certain affinity for Brick Buildings 🙂

These are the sorts of images that will always inspire me…

Cool old historic building…  Again dig the old school architecture and bricks.

Oddly fitting art piece…

Free Mason monument to George Washington…  got a whole set of pictures form this place too.

More from inside the vine/art/sitting area thing, pretty damn cool use of a triangle lot.

I just like this photo… that is my little sister “T”…



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