Our group has had a few Minecraft servers, at this point almost everyone of us has run a server, made up our own rules, and got together to craft some awesome structures.  Its been a few months though, and for whatever reason we have the bug again, so we set about using world painter to make a “starting area” and then letting Minecraft generate the surrounding chunks.

This was pretty cool, but it was only part of the plan, the next step was to make the spawn area look finished, and to do this we decided on a Roman style, a temple, some big homes and villagers wandering about.

Here is a few screenshots of the buildings I have made so far!

Night shot


Quick view o f the temple and the beginnings of the Villas and Farms


Another angle


Super high angle night shot!

Did some reflection pools, a bit of a wall and an open air theater!

More to come as we decide on and add more buildings!





One thought on “Minecrafting…

  1. Firstly, I’m excited to start building. I’ll be more excited about it after 13-Dec-2012, as I will actually be done with school for the semester, and might be able to devote some brain cycles to designing buildings again!
    Secondly, I think Alt-Z hides the Minecraft UI. Makes screenshots moar pretty.
    Thirdly, omg, we need to open the firewall for this bitch, so we (read: you) can actually work on it when not at home.
    Lastly, great work on this stuff. I told you already, but now it’s on the internet. It all looks fantastic. Congrats again Broseph Stalin.

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