Camera Envy…

A friend, and fellow artist  Nathaniel Daught  has also dipped into the world of short films.  Although instead of plague drive, mind munching, undead fiends, he has gone with witty geeky comedy and PUPPETS!  OBEY VIC is a silly look at a lot of the things we geeks in our later 20s find fun and amusing.  (oh and Castlevania: SOTN makes an appearance!)

Now to the Envy bit… it was shot with an iPhone 4s!  I mean I can’t even get a good picture of my dog sleeping, in good lighting, with a steady cam rig on my Droid.  Seriously these guys shot the cool little episode on an iPhone!!!  and Every still image picture I take with my Droid looks like I am skydiving past the subject!

Anyway.. Camera Envy.. Morale of the story?  Check out OBEY VIC 🙂


Is it to late to talk about resolutions?

I was really good, and then really really bad at sketchaday last year.  Well I am gonna try to get back on track!  I also have two or three paintings I started last year I should finish.. I am gonna work on that too 🙂  And I am kicking around the idea of starting a web-comic.

I don’t really believe that any resolutions are ever taken seriously, every year it seems everyone vows to lose weight, run more, walk to dog more often, go skydiving, not get shot in the knee, etc.  Of course 4 weeks later, those same people are back into the normal grind, resolutions forgotten, unless of course you managed to get a new TV over the holidays (wait for it.. wait for it…get it yet?).  I am not necessarily immune from this magical forgetfulness state of the human condition.

However I am gonna try to change very small things, things I was already kinda doing, just be kinda better at it.  Form new habits, good habits, that maybe will just lead to better habits.


Trailers… how I love them…

Its always good to know when new movies are coming out, and what they are.  Not so much because I plan on watching them all!  (Okay well maybe) But also because I do love trailers.  It is like a glimpse of something forbidden, a sneak peak and some hidden mystery, and since no one has forced a story on me yet, it is unspoiled by bad writing.

I didn’t really think there could be a “prequel” to Alien, which I think is one of Cameron‘s greatest films and one of the best horror-suspense movies of all time, but I guess I am wrong.  A few months ago I heard rumblings of a new Ridley Scott sci-fi movie names Prometheus and assumed it would have something to do with the sun, or fire, or both.. but the first trailer suggests it is something a bit more Dangerous we are stealing form the Gods this time:

The Dark Knight also will be making another appearance in a hugely anticipated and talked about third movie.  I am including the trailer here cause it is damn cool, not cause I think you haven’t seen it, but in case you haven’t… there is a Gieco commercial about living under a rock you need to watch too…

And last but not least, it seems that The Hobbit finally has a trailer!  Peter Jackson did an amazing job with the Lord of the Rings so I have huge hopes that this movie will also really slam it out of the park!  I have heard lots of rumors about this movie, and I hope half of them are true!  Also can’t wait to see even more!

Now if we could just get Peter Jackson to make that Halo Movie….


I’m just gonna leave these here…

In a need to escape for a few minutes while I slammed down a burger, I jumped over to Geeks Are Sexy, Slashdot, Laughing Squid, and then just YouTube, and checked out all the fun I have missed over the last few days.

It seems Hollywood is gearing up to either piss us all off or stun us all into watching everything they feel we need to, again this season.  I love movies, but sometimes, let’s face it the trailer is just better than what you get.  In order of how much I want to see them:

First up should be no surprise, with these two as the lead actors I am not sure how it can be bad.  Denzel Washington seems to get these types of roles out every few years, but all in all I don’t think there is a single action movie of his I don’t own.  Not really sure what Ryan Reynolds will bring to this movie, but he can be funny, and he can do action, so I am sure we will get a little tad bit of his wit, and some sick as stupid stunts.

Joss Whedon, how could we go wrong?  My only complaint… Edward Norton should have returned as Hulk.

Okay okay, I know he is insane, but so are his characters, just not in the same way.  Tom Cruise is just to damn good at pulling off these Mission Impossible movies, and maybe this will be good enough that we can all collectively forgive the cast and crew of the 3rd movie.  And We can’t forget Simon Pegg.

Now this next one is a bit of a stretch for me, I really don’t like Kristin Stewart.. at all, nor do I normally like when people fuck with my Disney Movies, but.. something about this just makes me want to watch the movie anyway…

Of course Chris Hemsworth might sell it on his own, and maybe someone final gave Stewart a few acting lessons.  Plus there shouldn’t be any annoying “TEAM QUEEN” “TEAM MIRROR” bullshit out of this movie.. of course I could be wrong.

Hunger Games is last for a few reasons, mostly I still don’t know what I want to think about it.  I mean Lord of the Flies, and Battle Royale where amazing books, which just happened to have movie adaptations.  As cool as this looks, I am afraid it will be another weak teen movie, but I still want to see it based off this trailer.

Also to be fair I have not read the books, although almost everyone I knows tells me I need to, apparently there are similarities between the Hunger Games world and my own fictional alternate future City 7.

Lastly I will close with this pretty damn impressive Orchestra, playing Legend of Zelda.

Extra challenge..How many can you name??




Good things from Blizzard…

Just a few Blizzard videos!

Diablo III is probably one of my most look forward to games this year!  I also just got a beta key, so maybe soon I shall have a review!  Another anticipated game for me is Star Craft II :Heart of the Swarm.. Again Enjoy!

As a digital artist, these games and Blizzard as a whole has inspired me many times over the years!  I always look forward to there releases!


Dealing with Life and Death..

Two weeks ago, right as our production team was gearing up to film City 7 and doing all the last minute things that come up, I ran to Morro Bay to a family reunion and to make a few connections to get City 7 just a bit further along.  While we (Myself and R my girl) were up in Morro Bay we received some pretty hard news.

A good friend of ours was the San Diego Police Officer that was killed on the I-15 October 1st, 2011.  Jason Prokop and I had been friends for a little over ten years, R having met him about 4 years ago right after we had begun dating.  Jason was all set to help us out as an on site medic/production assistant with the film, and is the guy responsible for helping me figure out how the “pandemic” that reduces humanity the shambling undead was made and spread.

He was also an amazing friend, and truly an inspiration and role model.  I have heard plenty of theories over the years that no one can ever be truly “selfless”, but Jason truly was.   Even up until his last minute as he tried to help another wounded driver.  His career as a Police Officer and Army Ranger Drill Instructor also prove what a selfless and amazing guy he truly was.

He is the first of our group of friends to perish, and his death has hit all of us very hard.  Not only was he the nicest guy you could meet, and the world has truly grown just a shade darker, but we now all have to face the fact that we are not immortal.

When we returned from Morro Bay I through myself into work and preparing for the movie shoot, my way of not dealing with what was going on really.  However I have been grounded, both the San Diego Police Department and the Army Rangers came out in force on Saturday to honor Jason, and offer support to his wife and two young boys.  This has been the 6th Funeral I have attended(3rd Military Service), but it was by far the hardest.  It may be because I am older now, or perhaps because I was powerless to help Jason’s wife and kids…

I am back however, maybe stronger, maybe not, and armed with the knowledge that as long as I remember Jason he is truly never lost or forgotten.

RIP Buddy, RLTW.



The San Diego Police Officers Association has established a trust fund for Officer Prokop’s family. Donations can be mailed to:
Officer Jason Prokop Family Trust
c/o San Diego Police Officers Association
8388 Vickers Street
San Diego, CA 92111

Crazy YouTube time!

After a weekend of resting in Morro Bay, I got right back to work and working on the movie last night.  With just 4 Days until we start principal photography we are keeping with our blistering schedule!

Our 3rd Webcast should be up later today, however as is my practice I decided I need to jump on over to YouTube and see what has been happening in the world of online videos, and I found a few gems… Not sure how AndrewFilms managed to slip under my notice until now, but these videos are very entertaining, especially if you are a huge video game geek.

Then of course we have some of my old favorites, like FreddieW and CorridorDigital, these guys are amazing, and a must watch for us geeks:

Its good to know who and what are out there as you are making shorts and playing around with full time projects, anyway more soon along with an update on some of our zombie posters!


OMG Dubstep!

Look I couldn’t use “Daily Dubstep” again.. could I?

Just more Dubstep I find awesome, inspiring and good to work along with.  Example is an artist I enjoy, particularly some of the Dubstep mixes he is involved with.  Here are a few of my favorites:

First song of his I heard:

And another Favorite:

Enjoy!  I will be adding a new Category to this blog!  “Dubstep Assault!”  Where I plan to share new dubstep I find around the net!



City 7: The Dead Never Rest.

We have officially launched our IndieGoGo Campaign for City 7.  To track our progress or to help us out please run on over the City 7 on IndieGoGo and nab one of our Sweet Uber-Cool Perk packages!!!  Which we have not gotten around to photographing any of yet.  🙂

Anyway it is time for me to buckle down and being to work on the movie poster!  I know I know, we are this far along with no movie poster.. WHAT!!

Personally I grew up as a Star Wars kid (My step-mom also really loved Star Trek, but I try not to hold it against her :P) so I have always been drawn to the painted style movie posters over the photographic versions.

Classic Movie Poster, A New Hope, Star Wars

Step 1 is the idea.. step 2 is GO TO GOOGLE!  A quick search for classic movie posters showed me all sorts of awesome old school illustration and painting posters, just what I was looking for!

But wait.. then I remember Left 4 Dead.  For anyone that read my blog and isn’t a huge gamer geek, Left 4 Dead had some amazing movie poster style loading screens.  All this research led me to step 3, which is the “…” part.  In this case it means I will be doing a bit of art!

It has been awhile since I have done anything this complicated and exact, so I set myself to collecting just a bit more information.  For instance classic movie poster(or those made before 1985) were 27″ x 41″.

Valve, Left 4 Dead, Video GamesWith my inspirations laid out, my size research completed and an idea of where I wanna be, it is time to set out!

City 7 takes place in San Diego, and features a cast of ten characters, plus an uncounted horde of zombies.  I will not be trying to crunch all of that onto one poster!  But San Diego, and some Zombies, now that is do-able!

Stay tuned!  I will be following my poster design process for the next few days!  Estimated time is around 60 hours for this entire project!