Inspiration and painting…

From time to time I have felt the need to break the cycle on either my graphic design work or with my digital painting.  My newest tactic has been to paint with acrylic on canvass.  The newest piece I have been working on is an underwater plane for my girl.  She is a scuba geek!

Here are a few pictures, mainly of some of the fixes I did recently.

Scuba painting, Ryan BerryScuba Painting, Ryan BerryScuba Painting, Ryan Berry

Quick note, the white lines are conte, mostly marks of where and how I want to add color, or tweak lines.

Scuba Painting, Ryan Berry

Quick Note, I need to figure out how to Photograph my paintings, more soon!


More Tank Girl!

I realized I never got around to posting the work in progress images of my Tank Girl painting!  Check them out!

Tank Girl, Ryan Berry

Here is the blocking in I did with pencil, mush like a sketch.

Tank Girl, Ryan Berry

Next step was to trace all the lines in black, this helped keep the comic book feel to the piece.  I also attempted to vary the line width and stroke weight to get the comic look to come across better.




Tank Girl, Ryan Berry

Bit more line work and the first bits I added where the red paint.

I made a choice to add lots of red accents early on, based on how this painting was meant for the Ride to End AIDS auction.








Tank Girl, Ryan Berry, Deadmau5

Little shout-out to Deadmau5!  And some detail on one of her arms.  I like to try to add little references to pop-culture in most of my paintings.

Tank Girl, Ryan Berry

A little further along, and I have started to block in the major colors for the background.  As I did this I mixed a lot of different grays, kept them as fresh as I could, and moved back and forth. I use a similar technique when I am working in photoshop or painter.



Tank Girl, Ryan BerryLayer lots of different styles and colors onto one another helps to sell the idea of stone, or concrete.

More texturing and layering done to the background and a lot more color information added to the painting.


Tank Girl, Ryan Berry


And a few close-ups…

Tank Girl, Ryan Berry

Tank Girl, Ryan BerryTank Girl, Ryan Berry

Tank Girl, Ryan Berry

And here is the full painting finished 🙂