Blood Skies, a few Sketches…

A few weeks ago, an author I follow on twitter announced an awesome deal, the first book in his current series was free on the Kindle.  So naturally I had to check it out.

In his series Blood Skies, Steven Montano has managed to rekindle my faith in humanity and our ability to realize that monsters need to stay monsters.  Anne Rice, while she based her writing style on one of my all time favorite horror writers: H.P Lovercraft, began a trend that saw vampires emasculated, feminized, de-fanged, and then rolled in glitter.  I am not a huge fan of “modern” vampires.  But Steven Montano has brought them back, made them ugly, horrible, purpose driven monsters, and then crafted a world around them that astounds me in its detail.

Also a few of my “forgot” short stories and screenplay treatments share a few broad strokes in common with his beautiful crafted world… Almost a “great minds think alike.. and so do horror authors minds”, scenario.  Blood Skies is the first novel in the series and it is a great military/sci-fi story, set in an awesome and deadly world.  At this point I have made it to book 3 and at this rate, well he better write them faster… if he pulls and R.R. Martin on me…

Anyway, like other great examples in media, his books inspired me to make a few sketches, and those are the subject of today’s post.

First we have Eric Cross the main character:cross

Next is a Shadowclaw Vampire, kinda like a badass Navy Seal but with fangs…



Take a moment to check out Steven Montano’s website. 


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Crowd-sourcing…To write a Novel?

Yeah wack right?  But hear me out…  Back in high-school I started to work on several concept, which as I have mentioned I recently decided to combine under the name: Savaged.  At one point in life I even considered becoming a high-school literature teacher so I could “write a book”.  Well life happened, I went into Computer Science, then Illustration, and then into web-design and graphic design to pay the bills.

The next chapter of my life has begun, and I am working as a Producer and Screenwriter for Digital Raven, with one film finished and a short web-series in production as well as a few screenplays in development.  Somehow I still have a huge stack of illustrations, ideas, and short stories all pertaining to this one science-fiction world, and no concrete outlet.

In comes Crowd-sourcing.  A quick jump over to Indiegogo, the platform we used to fund part of City 7, revealed a few novels, self-help books, and non-fiction books all in various stages of funding.  This idea comes right on the heels of my decision to, once again being work on my own Science Fiction novel.  Well more accurately collect all my notes, short stories, sketches, and random ideas together into a novel.  However as a freelance web-designer, graphic designer, illustrator, and movie producer, everything I do needs to feed me, and let’s face it novels may get written for free… but they don’t get published for free.

Here comes the punch-line.  I have begun a bit of research into crowd-sourcing a novel, and then publishing straight to the Kindle.  Once I have a business model, “designed” I am going to look into starting a campaign to get my first Sci-Fi novel Crowd-sourced, helping me focus more of my time on writing, and getting an editor or two on board.  Now the question is what will my perks be?!?

Stay tuned for more!


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