Deinonychus, my FAVORITE DINO

A long time ago, in a childhood far far away…

I had a favorite dinosaur, Deinonychus.  It was fast as a cheetah, about the size of well fed lion, and had a wicked razor sharp claw it would use to take down prey.  Also based on some of the research into what they ate, some paleontologists had decided that they probably hunted in pairs or maybe even small packs. 

Fast forward a dozen years and I read this book: “Jurassic Park”, and it featured my favorite childhood dino, but now he had a different name… Velociraptor.¬† I was cool with this, loved the movies and read all the books.¬† But then around 7th grade or so I started to do more research into what I wanted to be in life.¬† Naturally “Space Marine” and “Alien Hunter” were two of my “if the world goes this way…” plans, but still at the top of the normal, well adjusted child,¬† charts were “Paleontologist” and “Screenwriter”(who knew that this one would stick…).

So I set out to recapture my 4 year old vigor, and naturally turned to Deinonychus.¬† I had to reconcile that he had been¬† “declawed” for the sake of Hollywood.¬† Imagine my surprise to discover that the Velociraptor was theorized to much more like a demonic hell chicken that scavenged off other dinos kills.¬† Not only was the raptor smaller than in the books and films, but not really the ravenous “killer” type either.¬†

I think at some point someone brought up the concept of “Utah Raptor” which was either the answer to the “deinonychus = velociraptor” rename or a Velociraptor on steroids that could take down a T-rex.¬† Anyway long story short.. I shunned the name Velociraptor and re-embraced my childhood favorite.

Continuing the theme of “getting back to my roots”, and trying to keep up with the lofty goal of completing and then posting a sketch a day, here is attempt one at a Deinonychus, using only a few skeletons as reference.¬†


I added the flare of head bumps/crests.¬† I am not happy with the hind legs… but that’s the point of all this practice!