The Sage, Spacecraft Edition

It seems to be a heavy theme in my last few posts but here is some more stuff from the Savaged Universe!  As mentioned in my last post about concept design for the Sage, here are their ships.

SageEventChaser SageSpaceCraft


I designed all the Sage ships around the basic idea of “UFOs” we have now days.  I may or may not have been watching Ancient Aliens when it occurred to me…

Since these guys have been cruising around the universe stealing and stock piling knowledge for years, I figured they were perfect suspects for the sightings we have had, and so I used that as a design base for their ships.

Traditionally Sage spacecraft are very light on weapon systems although since aligning with Humanity and the Jarn to run the Empire they have been forced to retrograde several of their century old ships, as well as redesign their new ships with weapons.

More to come soon!

You can follow the Novel of Savaged on my other blog 100 Words.


Creature and Character Design

What does Creature and Character Design mean?  Why are they used?  What purpose do the serve?  When you sit down to pitch an idea, depending on the team involved or the complexity, sometimes it is better to have a formed presentation before you sell the idea in 15 words or less.  In the case of City 7, I wrote the entire script, formed the production team, and then we took another 3 months to go over and rewrite everything.  And that was before we looked for a location, spoke to any actors, or filmed a a single episode of our webcast.

Though most of them have now been lost to time and the filing cabinet that holds all things dealing with the film.  One of the steps that existed in tandem, with this process, consisted of cutting out photos of military uniforms and generating sketches of what our actors costumes would be.  Then we did the same process for our zombies!  Once the film schedule was decided upon by the production crew, I then had to form a make-up/costuming team, and another set of sketches/photos/magazine cuttings were generated.

Most of this is normal, every team goes through this.  Even for an episode of the most trite teenage drama.  The high school sports team’s uniforms have to be designed, and the main characters don’t just show up in what they had in the closet that morning.  Someone designs how they will look before each episode.  Even in a show like Supernatural or The Walking Dead, where the characters wear the same things every episode, those props were designed.

However at times the creative process has to go a step further.  A sci-fi television show, horror movies, and video games normally have concept artists.  This is a guy, like me, who sits in at the meetings and hear the more off the wall ideas, and then has to translate them into art work so everyone not on the creative team has a chance to get the idea.  These art works are then used by everyone else to make the film/show/game feel the way the production team wants it too.

A big part of any creative process that involves an element of fantasy is the Creature and Character Design.  Most of my personal Creature and Character design centers around the Savaged Universe.  A science fiction world/universe that I have written several short stories in, and am currently attempting to unify into one book.  I use this type of illustration and concept art to decide on what my aliens and main characters look like, so I can get the rough idea out of my head and take a look at them on paper.  It helps when it comes time to describe them to the reader.

On the fringe of the Human Empire, during the turbulent times of expansion, exploration and colonization we run into two other struggling empires, the Sage and the Jarn.  Naturally the language, social etiquette and racial differences are great enough that wars and conflicts arise.  However in both cases these first two alien species become some of humanities earliest and strongest allies.  We are going to look at both this week, starting with the Jarn.

The Jarn were originally “Space Orcs”, literally.  My only idea was they were savage brutes with green skin that crawled out of a Tolkien novel, into a space shuttle and then went on a smashing spree.  Then they became more than just savage and mindless creatures tossed in from another genre to satisfy the need for conflict.  They became an developed race, that somehow got their act together long enough to make it off their home world, and develop a small fledgling empire.  An empire that later, after a few wars, would join humanity and the sage in creating something larger.


This is an early concept, I was still going with the “orc” base model.  Big muscle clad brutes that lived and died for war.  At the time,  the Jarn were a race that was brought to their knees by the Sage and Humans in a war that lasted almost a hundred years, and saw the death of most of a solar system, they just had to be more than I was giving them credit for.  I mixed in the idea of honor and pride, then a feudalistic society where dueling and single combat were often used to settle disputes between Jarn tribes.  I came up with this mix of Japanese and Native American cultures, a mix that would allow a society to advance into the space-age.

The Jarn were reborn, still brutes and giants, still more likely to get into a bar fight over a spilled drink than to talk about their feelings.  But focused and honor bound, intelligent and ambitious.  In fact even as I reworked how they looked, and how their society functioned, I reworked how they became part of the Empire.  The Jarn Wars were ended by a Peace Treaty, where each side saw the damage the war was creating.  However the Jarn Civil Wars were born in the same event.  Half the Jarn tribes siding with the Human and Sage Empire, while the other half declared war, and fought a retreating battle into what has become “Wild Space”.


Still brutish, their bodies reflecting life-times of war, their technology bulky and inelegant.  But they had their own look, something that didn’t make them just “Space Orcs” anymore.

I still have yet to tackle what their spacecraft look like!  If you wold like to know more about the Savaged Universe check out my other blog:  One Hundred 


The Majo’rian, Races From the Stars

Savaged is a dangerous Universe, full of races based years of my character and concept designs.  Most of which are not the pleasant cuddly types you find on the small forested moon of Endor.

Majorian, Character Design, Ryan Berry

The Majo’rian are a race based upon the concept of a world where their version of the Third Reich won.  An entire empire that is completely lacking in the diverse rules that make up, what we consider, normal human life.  With that level of ethnic cleansing the race suffered as many hardships as they have had triumphs.  A singular vision and drive has given the race an almost unparalleled level of bio-designed technology, yet their minds are fractured and  tortured landscape.
Majorian, Savaged, Character design, Ryan Berry.Easily taken by madness, and often sporting weakened immune systems and a wide variety of rare genetic mutations.  It has taken all the science and medicine of an entire solar empire to develop the cures and genetic/cybernetic advances for what ails this “master” races sometimes frail and fragile bodies.  However no amount of science, reasoning or technology has managed to cure their rage, hatred, and almost boundless drive to murder all other races they encounter.

Majorian, Character Design, Savaged, Ryan BerryTheir technology blends bio-engineering with genetic manipulation on a level that almost marvels and surpasses the rest of the Universes technological races.  Their factories are great fields given over to literally growing their spacecraft, their weapons, and their medical technologies.  Their conquest for genetic perfection has led to a passionless and efficient system were the entire race is grown, rather than born.  Either created or brought into existence to be a warrior, a ships commander, or doctor, based on the needs of the empire.

Majorian, Character Design, Savaged, Ryan Berry.Their megalomaniacal drive to become the single surviving race of the universe has led them to become of of the most dangerous and warlike forces.  Their expansion having led to the first and third Galactic Wars, as well as the establishment of the Majo’rian Line.  Their Empire being one of the single largest threats to the Federation of Known Species.   Expansion however has been but a small piece of the Majo’rian’s master plan, as they have reached out to conquer as much of the surrounding universe as they can, they have systematical cataloged, and then eradicated any and all intelligent life they have come across.  The genetic materials of all the other races they have come across being folded into their science, as they have picked and chosen the parts of each they wish to keep, copy and modify for their own continued hold on the insane and perfected idea of a “Master” Race.

Majorian, Character and Concept Design, Savaged, Ryan Berry

The Majo’rian are possibly one of the scariest concepts I have ever tried to describe through my art.  But the world of Savaged is filled with endless possibilities, some dark and some unimaginably beautiful.



The Fall of the Anoric

A full review of my new android tablet is inbound as I am still playing with all the things I can do with it.

However I have decided to start doing some Sketch a day work in color, on my ACER Iconica!  These will be works done with just my tablet, in whatever location I happen to be in!

In this case these two were done while I was in Seattle for PAX!  Enjoy!