My Little Monsters: Cthulhu


Some of you might remember the MOAR Monster, it was an original acrylic on canvass painting that I worked on and release several months ago.  It was the first in a series that I have decided to call “My Little Monsters”.

Based on some of my personal feelings, that as I progressed through formal art schooling I lost touch with the “little kid” element and imagination of art and making creatures.  Replacing the void it left with technical skills and rules.  I will never be able to look at a piece of art I did as a kid and not see all the mistakes, but I can work on more creatures with an open mind!

Continuing with the more cartoony theme of MOAR Monster, here is the second sketch which I will soon begin to commit to canvass:



This time I decided to do a more traditional Victorian Horror monster and used HP Lovecrafts famous “Cthulhu” elder god as the basis, but sketched him as  a baby or hatch-ling.

I will continue to add creatures and monsters and aliens to the My Little Monster Series, I have even considered taking this a slightly more fun route and doing an traditional “A is for Alien” style set of 26 art pieces.  I hope you like this one, keep an eye out for more posts as I work on this one, and eventually the original canvass on sale at my ETSY store!


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Evil Inc.

So a few months back I was driving home from work and I ended up behind this guy who’s rear window vinyl decals were so old they were just dying.

At a glance I would have guessed that they belonged to one of the hundreds of popular surf companies that have come and gone here in So Cal over the last ten years.  But that wasn’t nearly as important as what it inspired me to work on… I didn’t see the logo it was meant to be, I saw Cthulhu

Sketch, Cthulhu, Dark Art, IllustrationThis is the Sketch I came up with for my full design.  I was moving toward a corporate sort of logo look, so clean and simple.

You can get an idea of how I work in pen off this image, using red ink I did a lot of the rough work before I went over that in black to define the lines I wanted to save.

Now I new I wanted to get this cut out of vinyl so I worked and aimed towards that goal from the beginning.  Once the basic design was set on paper I moved to Illustrator to make it into a nice line drawing that could be dye-cut so I could make a few and in this case slap one down on the top of my gaming rig at home.

Cthulhu, Illustrator, Sketch, Vinyl Dye-CutAnd here it is as an Illustrator file ready to be cut!  I decided to add the letters “EVL” in a Lovecraftian font down the tie after a short talk with a co-worker and then we set about testing it to get it to cut right and look good.

We actually had to cut about 3 before we got the thickness to work right, and then all I had to do was pick a color!  I went with a darker “dried” blood red!

It is a simple yet very cool custom sticker and I liked making it from the ground up!  Sooner or later I may try to cut a larger one in white and slap it on my car!

I will snap a picture of the sticker applied soon and share it with you all!