Industrial, Dubstep, Jungle, Metal, Hardcore… My music always seems to fall into a dark/heavy sort of theme.  And when an artist or a group of artists can combine a few of those… well it gets better, to me anyway.

One of my all time favorite bands is KMFDM, they have been a source of inspiration and a comfort throughout the years.  Good music to work too, paint too, and just generally listen while doing stuff.




Skrillex is not a new find, but I did pick up one of his albums today so I figured it was time to make some noise in his court.  If you have been living under a rock, or you are just not one of us crazy people always looking for new music(Take your pick 🙂 ), you have probably heard of or heard some Dubstep.

If not, allow me to one your eyes to Skrillex:



OMG Dubstep!

Look I couldn’t use “Daily Dubstep” again.. could I?

Just more Dubstep I find awesome, inspiring and good to work along with.  Example is an artist I enjoy, particularly some of the Dubstep mixes he is involved with.  Here are a few of my favorites:

First song of his I heard:

And another Favorite:

Enjoy!  I will be adding a new Category to this blog!  “Dubstep Assault!”  Where I plan to share new dubstep I find around the net!



Tinie, a review…

Music is one area I find inspiration.  If I were to sum up how I see life it would be: “Art + Music = Life”.

I am on an almost endless quest to find new music to code to, to paint to, to drive to…  Metal, Punk and Hardcore are my normal fall backs for most music I enjoy.  As a former bassist and later lead screamer in the So Cal Hardcore indie scene,  it is not that surprising that these are my favorites.  But I also have a deep and old appreciation for Rap and Jungle, which have probably led to my preference towards Dubstep when I am working long hours.

I am a bit of an Audiophile, but in my own way, and I am by no means a standard to which the music industry should set itself.  With that said, here is my review of Tinie Tempah‘s Disc-Overy.  In case you are from the States, never use YouTube and have been living under a rock, I present Exhibit A:

So how did I find this guy?  Well A few months ago I was on UKFDubstep adding random songs to build a work playlist, this is something I do often.  Well to make my playlists more random every few songs I stop working and take a second to look through what YouTube has linked to the song I am listening too.  Then I add a few of those.  I found this guy, listened to as much of his stuff as I could, and then tried to hunt his CD down state-side.  Didn’t happen.

Well work, both at my job, and freelance, got REALLY busy so I lost track of my search for a bit.  Earlier this month however I ordered Tinie’s CD through, tossed it into my car stereo when it arrived, and have had it on repeat for the last few days on my commute.  What I really like about this guy is how he mixes different forms of music that I am interested in.  This is by no means limited to just this artist, I honestly find that a lot of British and European Musicians mix different genres of music in away that I find interesting.

This album is a little bit more rap intensive than I would normally feature in a work play-list, but I honestly do find it very inspiring and great to work(and drive) too.  I recommend Tinie Tempah to anyone that likes Rap, Dubstep, Jungle, or if you are just looking for something new and different.

More later.


Daily Dubstep

I love me some dubstep.  My “Work” play-lists normally feature some dubstep, and my coding play-list is almost entirely dubstep.  I find most electronic music to be highly stimulating, but for some reason dubstep and jungle really speak to some deeper part of my creative inner beast.

As I have mentioned a few times here I am also currently working on a, as of yet named, movie project.(Since then we have decided on the project title: “HAVOCs”)  So I keep an eye out for interesting mixes of dubstep and video.  I want to try and use dubstep in some of our action sequences.  It seems I didn’t have to look too far this week as a buddy of mine Nrek just posted some of his video links to Google+!

Check them out!  And don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see what else he may have in store for us!