City 7, The Future and Ghost Stories

About two and a half years ago I began writing a screenplay.  Over the the next 8 months it was turned into the 14 minute long Action/Horror movie: City 7.

It was a blast to make, and takes place in the world I began writing in several years ago when I still owned and ran Ravenhorde Studios.  As we went into filming we planned to continue the story line with other short films, and web series releases.  I had written the majority of the story that followed another HAVOC.  However during filming we kept getting asked the same questions by our cast and crew, and the idea behind “Ghost Stories: The Package” was born.

Over the last 3 months I have written a new story arc and screenplay based on the same world.  This time we have a personal story, no longer focused on a team, but a single highly trained man, and his trials and tribulations in the wasteland that America has become.  The focus now is to reveal more of the setting of City 7, exposing bits of the world and getting into the uncomfortable questions of “who, when and why”.

With a finalized script, we are officially moving into pre-production.  Gears shift and I become a Producer and organizer.  Responsible for raising money, designing props, costumes, and figuring out make-up direction.  Peter, our Director, and I are also looking at filming locations and contacting the community to raise awareness about our project.  We have taken a different path this time, and will be making a 12 and 14 episodes web series.  Be sure to follow our progress on our Facebook page, as well as visiting out Indiegogo Campaign to look over our awesome perks.

I also started a production blog via Tumblr, and will be updating Worldcrafter with the art/development side of the project.



Trailers… how I love them…

Its always good to know when new movies are coming out, and what they are.  Not so much because I plan on watching them all!  (Okay well maybe) But also because I do love trailers.  It is like a glimpse of something forbidden, a sneak peak and some hidden mystery, and since no one has forced a story on me yet, it is unspoiled by bad writing.

I didn’t really think there could be a “prequel” to Alien, which I think is one of Cameron‘s greatest films and one of the best horror-suspense movies of all time, but I guess I am wrong.  A few months ago I heard rumblings of a new Ridley Scott sci-fi movie names Prometheus and assumed it would have something to do with the sun, or fire, or both.. but the first trailer suggests it is something a bit more Dangerous we are stealing form the Gods this time:

The Dark Knight also will be making another appearance in a hugely anticipated and talked about third movie.  I am including the trailer here cause it is damn cool, not cause I think you haven’t seen it, but in case you haven’t… there is a Gieco commercial about living under a rock you need to watch too…

And last but not least, it seems that The Hobbit finally has a trailer!  Peter Jackson did an amazing job with the Lord of the Rings so I have huge hopes that this movie will also really slam it out of the park!  I have heard lots of rumors about this movie, and I hope half of them are true!  Also can’t wait to see even more!

Now if we could just get Peter Jackson to make that Halo Movie….


how fast it all gets held….

City 7 is filmed!  The Posters are still being painted!  The Website is getting worked on!  And I somehow have no time from ANY OF IT!!!

But that is the fun of life right?  As Pia Thrasher, aka: Scout, mentioned in her most recent post, we filmed the movie just over a week ago, and although we still have a good chunk to film at another location we feel that we are sitting on an awesome project!  The project does however seem to be stealing my Sketch a Day time… not that I am not sketching!  I am!

Really I promise!  I just haven’t gone through my new book yet, torn out or scanned any of the work, and I am not sure when I will get to it!  But it will happen!  In the meantime here is one of the concept sketches I did for the movie!

Concept Art, City 7