Crazy YouTube time!

After a weekend of resting in Morro Bay, I got right back to work and working on the movie last night.  With just 4 Days until we start principal photography we are keeping with our blistering schedule!

Our 3rd Webcast should be up later today, however as is my practice I decided I need to jump on over to YouTube and see what has been happening in the world of online videos, and I found a few gems… Not sure how AndrewFilms managed to slip under my notice until now, but these videos are very entertaining, especially if you are a huge video game geek.

Then of course we have some of my old favorites, like FreddieW and CorridorDigital, these guys are amazing, and a must watch for us geeks:

Its good to know who and what are out there as you are making shorts and playing around with full time projects, anyway more soon along with an update on some of our zombie posters!