Sticker Graffiti

Another thing I hunt for… graffiti and sticker bombs..  Here are a few:


SDSU College area2012-08-05_19-11-49_799

On the walk I take with the kids (french bulldogs) every mornin`…2012-08-09_23-44-53_826

Brewery Artist Colony in LA…2012-08-09_23-45-04_250

Brewery Artist Colony in LA… 2012-08-09_23-47-08_631

Vista, CA2012-08-09_23-48-56_52

Brewery Artist Colony in LA… 2012-08-10_00-27-25_846

Parking lot of the Brewery… 2012-09-01_09-09-45_58

Milwaukee, Italian District…

Mas Fina Cantina, Carlsbad, CA… 2012-12-22_08-57-34_79

Cable box along one of my running routes… 2013-01-13_13-19-27_959Off a Hiking trail in San Diego…



Developing my own Graffiti style…

I have begun to work on graffiti lettering again.  It has been years, like since high-school.  A few weeks ago I decided I want to build a subway car, and cover it in my own lettering.  An art project possibly inspired by my trip to Philly.

So I got down to practicing again, trying to look at other styles and see if I can eventually come up with my own lettering style.

Here are my first few attempts, enjoy.