Hardware upgrades and spring cleaning…

I finally joined the ranks of computer users that enjoy the quite and speed of a Solid State Drive.  I found a pre-black Friday sale at Fry’s a couple of weeks ago and picked up a 120Ggb SSD, and I gotta say I love it.  One of the best side effects is that the 7200rpm 1TB drive I had in the computer is now entirely given over to storage of my digital painting projects and media collection!

My only regret is not holding out just a little longer and seeing if I could get a larger drive, apparently I own to many Steam games.  But I can say this, if you are on the fence, get off the fence!  a SSD is worth the investment.  With prices slowly creeping down, and just a few more hours of Cyber Week sales, now is the time!

Plus, we all need that excuse to go through our files, and delete the stuff we don’t use anymore!  😀