Character and Creature Design: Sage

This is the follow-up post to the Jarn character and creature design post I made last week.  More artwork and design stuff that fits into the Savaged Universe.  The Sage are officially the first race humanity meets as they expand into the stars.  Our first hint that we are not alone in the universe comes when cargo starts to disappear from ships along established trade routes.  The odd thing is it isn’t cargo that is normally considered high value.

Priding themselves as students of galactic history and the only truly advanced civilization of the stars the Sage had taken it onto themselves to collect and catalog as much data as they can.  Some of the most powerful Sage becoming Knowledge pirates that plague the known universe stealing art, books, and historical records, while leaving behind weapons, technology and valued goods.

Here is the first sketch of a Sage I ever did.


They were never meant to be a “Galactic Player” when I did this first sketch.  They were supposed to be a henchmen like race, spotty comic relief, an odd idea.  However as I developed the beginnings of the Council of Seven and the Empire, I was forced to comfort the idea that someone had to help humanity take and hold there place in the universe.

The Sage became the first race that humanity allies with, helping to form the backbone of the Empire.  Sage pirate armadas aligning themselves with human naval and exploratory vessels, forming a Navy in the time of crisis as both races fell into open conflict with the Jarn.



Along those lines I worked a few concept sketches of the Sage.  Keeping the idea that they are a small humanoid reptilian race, easily adapted to fighting in tight corner and enclosed spaces.



This later sketch is much closer to my final vision.  I have added fighting claws to the Sage’s feet, made them much slighter of frame and worked the basic ideas of the Imperial Navies uniform into this sketch.  I also added the saber to give the Naval Rating a colonial era look and feel.

Space Combat isn’t like modern warfare.  Often tight corridor combat deciding the outcome of a naval clash, opening volleys normally ending in brutal close quarters combat.

I had to make another decision this time about what their ships and technology looked like… More about that next time!


Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington DC.

Top of the third floor staircase.

Ben Franklin as a Roman Caesar, third floor entry hall.

Entry hall third floor, east wall.

Here comes some art…

Skylight outside of “To Build a Better Mouse Trap.”

Third floor Balcony…

Center Courtyard, with it’s neat water things, and my little Sister.

More Art…

What’s it look like on the outside?  Some Pictures of the building.

The Secret War, WWII

Awhile ago I posted a few images on “The Secret War” and mentioned that I had played around with the idea that it has always raged just underneath out feet.

Well this weekend I was inspired(as I tore through a few dozen sheets of paper coming up with the movie posters thumbnails I have decided on..) and took a second to sketch this little dude up.

Illustration, Mouse, Cute, World War IIThis guy is supposed to be a World War II special forces Mouse.  The idea here being that the Nazi’s were in league with the Grey Ones, in order to find the Object through their rumored Occult Services.

I enjoy little side stuff like this!

Anyway soon I will have the first steps of the movie poster up!  As a disclaimer I am guessing Sketch a Day is gonna fall by the wayside as I work through this project.