Back on the Old Work-House

Coming back to Illustrator this morning, something I recommend as there is nothing like a fresh morning perspective to help you figure out the bugs, and I decided I need to ditch the darker of the two shadow colors, and add a door.

House Icon, Ryan BerryTo make my shadows, I am simply making shapes, setting the color to a value just darker than the main house, and then turning off the outside line.  Same for the highlights.  Then it is all about making the shapes look bubble-like or organic in some way, that helps capture that Icon/Cartoon feeling.

For my hard lines, that is all I am using lines.  I play with the stroke value to get them looking more how I want.  For those of you looking to get a better grasp on how to use Illustrator from the ground up, I will be doing a few tutorials soon!

As I mentioned in my last post, those lines need to be expanded, or as you re-size they will retain their “stroke” and get MUCH bigger/smaller in relation to the object.  Once expanded they become filled objects themselves and are ready for the tweaking!  Once again I need to soften all my “door” line edges, and then I am just about done!

Here is my Final Logo!Logo Design, House Icon, Ryan Berry














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Working on the House, In Illustrator…

As you may have guessed I am not working on a house 🙂  Just working on a house icon in Illustrator.  When I get down to icon work I do one of two things.  1)  A long work-up often including, prototypes, google searches, sketches, sleeping on it, and then making someone else decide, not listening to them and going with something else.  Or 2)  Sit down and slap something neat looking together in Illustrator…

Today I used method two and came up with this little Icon…

House Icon, Thegrav, Ryan BerryIt’s supper simple, and looks pretty damn cool.  It will also fit perfectly in my clients WordPress theme.  But it is missing something.

A quick tip here:  when I was finished with the line work I selected all my lines and expanded them.  (Object > Expand).  This way, since I relied a lot on stroke weight to suggest shape, I can re-size this sucker at whim and it looks the same.

Now I need this little thing to pop!  I have decided to do this by trying to merge the “social media” icon look and the cell shaded cartoon look.  Wish me Luck!  My first step is to decide on a light source, in this case I am gonna put it in the upper left hand corner, just “off” camera.

Houseing Icon, Ryan Berry, TheGrav

Another tricky thing to keep in mind is perspective.  Generally speaking the laws/rules of perspective are something you can tweak, or outright ignore when looking at cartoon like images.  However tossing them out whole-sale can get you into a bit of trouble.

As you can see in this image I am starting to get my shadows placed but I am having an issue with the shadow edge in the chimney.  As I keep working it may be less noticeable or I may find away to fix it.

With lots of suggested lines, like I have here, it is all about balancing to get those shapes to truly pop.

House Icon, TheGrav, Ryan BerryI have added a second shading color, I also spent some time softening all my hard edges, by the time this is re-sized and read to be deployed really minute details like those hard edges are hard to see.  However the all around effect is that the image is just a bit softer, which is worth the extra time.

Now a light source does more than create shadows on the object, so I have some choices to make here.  I am not going to add a shadow to the ground, but I am going to add a few high-lights.

Like I do with most of my work, I am currently zooming in, zooming out, getting up from my chair, and just really looking at this object from as many angles as I can.

Here it is after a few highlights, and now it is time to sleep on it.  I am honestly not sure how it will get used!  Cool Icon?  RSS Feed button?  hmmm…

House Icon, TheGrav, Ryan Berry