Crowd-sourcing…To write a Novel?

Yeah wack right?  But hear me out…  Back in high-school I started to work on several concept, which as I have mentioned I recently decided to combine under the name: Savaged.  At one point in life I even considered becoming a high-school literature teacher so I could “write a book”.  Well life happened, I went into Computer Science, then Illustration, and then into web-design and graphic design to pay the bills.

The next chapter of my life has begun, and I am working as a Producer and Screenwriter for Digital Raven, with one film finished and a short web-series in production as well as a few screenplays in development.  Somehow I still have a huge stack of illustrations, ideas, and short stories all pertaining to this one science-fiction world, and no concrete outlet.

In comes Crowd-sourcing.  A quick jump over to Indiegogo, the platform we used to fund part of City 7, revealed a few novels, self-help books, and non-fiction books all in various stages of funding.  This idea comes right on the heels of my decision to, once again being work on my own Science Fiction novel.  Well more accurately collect all my notes, short stories, sketches, and random ideas together into a novel.  However as a freelance web-designer, graphic designer, illustrator, and movie producer, everything I do needs to feed me, and let’s face it novels may get written for free… but they don’t get published for free.

Here comes the punch-line.  I have begun a bit of research into crowd-sourcing a novel, and then publishing straight to the Kindle.  Once I have a business model, “designed” I am going to look into starting a campaign to get my first Sci-Fi novel Crowd-sourced, helping me focus more of my time on writing, and getting an editor or two on board.  Now the question is what will my perks be?!?

Stay tuned for more!


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City 7 Poster 1, Updates…

Nothing can be as rewarding as finally smashing your way through a huge chunk of freelance work, freeing up a few hours of the night, and sitting down to paint.

To be completely honest, I had painting in my plans for the last 2 weeks, but Minecraft is a sweet, seductive, and very time consuming mistress… However Most of this weekend went into a few projects I have been working on, so when it came time to do some painting I decided to keep the ball rolling and get back to work finishing the City7 Posters.

(After all the deadline is approaching so I need to get to it..)

I could go into massive detail on what I did here, but it is not really that exciting and I didn’t have the fore-thought to make a good play by play.  Basically I dragged the painting into photoshop, chopped it up a bit, re-sized here and there, erased about half, and then made it look like a zombie again.  I was really harsh on the piece as a whole, really tearing apart my work to get the look I wanted, rather than the look I was getting.

Here is another look, a bit farther along, and as you can see I have started to really add a lot of detail and color into the mix.  Next few steps will deal a lot with continuing to texture, detail and hone the image.  On this piece, unlike a few I have shown in the past I have not gone with a pre-canned texture, instead I have be working on all those small details myself.

This poster, along with two others are being worked on to support Digital Raven’s first film City7.  If you are interested in getting you hands on a signed copy of this poster(when it’s finished of course!) head on over to our Indiegogo page and check us out!